Sometime in October of 2009 a project came to me encompassing collaboration, found video, spoken word, highjacked audio and narration, to encase abstract ideas that could easily be seen as schizophrenic and/or manic states of being found in contemporary society.

I wanted to name this project “Artifacts” because it showcases the multiple applications of the word ‘artifact’ – an object created having cultural or historical significance, an error in data processing, a byproduct in development and a loss of clarity from compression. These notions are loaded with imagery and give birth to an experimental view of personal existence infused with dreams, memories, collective desires, magic, and childlike curiosity.

The essence of Artifacts is to transmit pure thought as it comes and goes. To sketch the continual barrage of images and sensations of a daydream gone rogue, a situational awareness of being based on concepts only available to the dreamer/contemplator.

This project is highly autobiographical and also pulls from other’s experiences. Stimuli found and adopted become one living idea that we sometimes consider ‘Self’. These ideas can be seen as viruses in the positive sense of the word. These Idea-Viruses bear no harm, but need a living host for generational survival.

‘Systematically Attacked Overhead’ is only one Idea-Virus in which the observer is seen through the observer’s eye causing a momentary awakening, an out of body/out of thought scenario in which the observer is seen by itself, for itself and with itself; relaying truth, growth and personal freedom… to eventually become a living, breathing human being.

‘Artifacts- Systematically Attacked Overhead’ is a first in a series.