We are all children born from the same absolute beauty that designed the universe.
Separateness is the ultimate illusion.
We are all living in a controlled paradox fueled by ego, fear and loss.
Be kind to yourself and all sentient and non-sentient beings.
We are all children, and children make mistakes.

Working with multitudes of perimeters is a crazy ride, not to mention delay channels and other crazed attributes dedicated to each and every sequence, equating to a barnyard of feral cats in heat, jumping around and not coherent of spacetime or cosmological signature.
Everything has purpose.
Even mistakes.

This is so beautifully serene.
The Stag is lost, yet at peace. And the ambience of the whole place, with perimeter alarm chirping in near distance as the signal travels through seemingly humid air, reflecting off marble and crystal chandeliers.
Seems like a scene from a Hayao Miyazaki or David Lynch project for sure.
May all life know love, and boundless compassion, forever and always πŸ”₯πŸ™β€οΈ

I’m completely humbled by my Baptismal experience. Father Tim (a very, very cool Priest) dumped about a gallon of Holy Water on my head, and that cold water put me back into my body. I was so nervous, I had to tell my sponsor that I might faint, and he (Sean) was like: “Just say my name, and I’ll catch you.” Sean also gave me his Rosary after Mass as a Confirmation gift.
Being newly baptized, I stood at the entrance of the church during dismissal to greet folks as they were leaving. One parishioner, a young guy, said: “Your beard did not block out that big smile of yours.” I must admit, I was smiling beyond belief, for as I type this now, my jaw muscles are still sore. Standing at the doorway I shook everyone’s hands. Old and young alike, all welcomed me home.
Again, I’m deeply humbled by this gratitude of strangers, who are now my newly adopted family.
Some of my fellow RCIA students were at this Mass, and they took pictures, and yes, I’ll share those when I get copies.
Oh yes, my Confirmation name is Francis, as in, St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals, merchants, ecology, stowaways) πŸŒ³πŸˆπŸƒπŸ‡

Tomorrow I’m getting baptized as a Roman Catholic. I’ve been discerning this for some time. Joined RCIA back in September of 2021 after a heavy psychedelic experience in 2019 that led to a profound exposure. I remember being overwhelmed by unconditional love. It rattled my bones while I cried out in great gratitude. Dark past experiences were nullified, as I was being held by a deep loving force that totally understood me somehow. We ended up becoming friends, and I adopted a new Father, and tomorrow, I’ll be an adopted Son within the Mystical Body of Christ.
Yes, I’m being somewhat poetic, perhaps little too dramatic and this might all come off as very strange. Please believe me in saying this: I’m the same entity that you know and hopefully trust, and I will never, ever, try to evangelize you, because I dislike those folks too. Yet if you have questions, please ask πŸ™.
Love, love, and more love. Forever and always, and more.

Someone in my apartment building was practicing Christmas tunes on an Oboe (or something similar). I totally loved it, for it brings back memories when a neighbor’s child was practicing the Violin, and hearing sour note after sour note. My girlfriend at the time hated it, and I adored the free flow of inspiration found within the discord of becoming “one” with an instrument and losing oneself in the process.