View from 633 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suit 1400. Looking west.

Yesterday, Wednesday 22, 2023 I had to leave work with a medical emergency. Part of my vision, on the left side, became pixelated and out of focus. A little more than 1/4 of my vision was distorted in a pixelated mess. I became scared. I dropped what I was doing and looked out the nearest window, to focus on long-distance movement, like buses and folks walking their dogs. I asked for my blood pressure to be taken (long story), but another co worker suffers from heart problems and has a “cuff” at work for monitoring. My readings were above normal. A co-worker asked if I needed to go to the clinic (that exists across the street from where we work), and without hesitation I agreed.
I was driven to the clinic by my beloved co-worker and dropped off. I filled out the paperwork and was rushed in. After preliminary tests everything was normal. The doctor on the scene ordered a follow up on March 23 at an Eye Specialist.

Today, Thursday 23, 2023. I got to the eye doctor early, and waited for 2 1/2 hours. I believe I fell asleep at least twice. They were short staffed and I was called last. The initial nurse was to die for. We small talked about the warmth of coffee, and the sweetness of caffeine. I kept bringing up “caffeine indulgence” to everyone, but it was a laughing matter. Once the doctor came in, my eyes were heavily dilated and my vision was seriously blurred and distorted. The doctor did their tests, and we small talked.

“Damn, I thought I was having a stroke!! But I had no headache or anything.”
“You know, as we get older, sometimes migraines don’t pronounce pain, but just side effects. One time I was riding my bike and sweating, but trying to keep hydrated and visual distortions started to happen. It was like I was on a convertor belt… I was pedaling forward, but moving backward.” Said the doctor.

I wanted to hug him. David A. Scheidt, OD, your bedside manner is world class, I love you.

All tests aside, I’m fine. I’m going back for a follow-up exam and to get a new eye prescription for some new glasses in a few weeks, FINALLY.