Just another day in retail

An older female customer in her late seventies asked me about using Psilocybin because she’s dealing with heavy anger issues. In a roundabout way, I questioned her about how she thought it would help. She had no definite answer. So I tried to explain that it’s not a cure, but a tool to reaching divinity within oneself; as in, the Ego screams for attention, but in reality, the Ego does not exist.
Then she exclaimed, “I don’t want to turn into a wing-nut Catholic like you. You should really stick with the Buddhist stuff. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be mean, but I say what I feel.”
I laughed, and said, “I remember telling you about my experience, and I know you’re already a Catholic and seem to be a wing-nut, so there’s nothing to fear. And I gotta say, once a Buddhist, always a Buddhist!”
She stepped back, and with teary eyes, said, “I can trust you, your heart is pure.”
Then we talked about esoteric Wiccan stuff for twenty minutes.
Just another day in retail.


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